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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

National Acteens Panel

  National Acteens Panel
 Meet Alabama's National Acteens Panel Members. 

Acteens gives a girl a loving and accepting community of people with whom to grow spiritually. To me Acteens is a safe place to ask questions and explore what it means to have a relationship with God. Acteens offers so much as an organization for girls. Acteens has the ability to teach a girl what it truly means to live a missions lifestyle since we do a different missions project every month. Being part of an organization with guided missions projects can really help a girl find her own love and passion for missions.
Bree Rooks 


Acteens is one of the most valuable activities I have participated in because there is so much meaning and knowledge to be gained from it. Acteens is extremely valuable in that the teachers become your friends, role models, and mentors; you can grow so much stronger in your relationship with Christ; and you learn how you can impact the world for Christ. Acteens gives girls opportunities they might not have otherwise: serving alongside other Christians, volunteering at diverse places, experiencing the world and different cultures through missionaries. Through Acteens girls learn to be more confident in their walk because of the knowledge gained about prayer, Bible verses, and missions, and the experience in witnessing and sharing the gospel.

Caroline Swann 



The National Acteens Panel is a group of young women who are interested in missions and impacting their world for Christ. The young women selected as national panelists have exhibited a strong commitment to Christ and to missions through their involvement in Acteens, leadership responsibilities in their church and community, and dedication to their academic studies.

National Acteens Panelists are representatives for Acteens from across the country. Panelists serve for one year. In that time, they have many opportunities for growth, leadership experience, and sharing their ideas and hopes for the future direction of Acteens.

Panelists serve at a national WMU event, where they have the opportunity to interact with missionaries and other national leaders involved in missions. They may also speak at churches and events in their home states. Panelists also have a direct avenue to speak personally to Acteens by writing articles for The Mag and blogs for our Web site.

One special benefit of being chosen for the National Acteens Panel is provided through the WMU Foundation. Each panelist will receive a $1,000 scholarship that may be used for the college or other educational experience of her choice.


Each year, up to six young women are chosen for the National Acteens Panel. Panelists serve for only one year.

To be a National Acteens Panelist you must be a junior or senior in high school. If you apply as a junior but are not selected as a panelist, please apply again when you’re a senior!

In addition to being a junior or senior in high school, a National Acteens Panelist is someone who

  • regularly participates in Acteens activities,
  • participates regularly in missions projects, activities, experiences, etc.,
  • is involved in other ministries of the church besides Acteens,
  • is an overall good student,
  • is involved in school and community activities.

Contact Kathryn Helms at 334.613.2325 or for more information and to find out how to apply.